PT4500i – PETROL ENGINE GENERATOR (Remote Control)


Features of Petrol Generators
Fuel: Generator engines operate on various fuels such as natural gas, propane, diesel, petrol etc. And as the name implies, in Petrol generators, only petrol can be used as fuel to run the generator engines. Petrol gensets make an ideal choice for consumers as petrol is easily available in fuel stations across the country.

Power Output: Power output may vary with respect to different generator models available in the market. Power requirements as low as 2.1 kW (or even less) and going up as high as 500 kW and above can be met by petrol generators.

Fuel tank capacity: Fuel tank size varies according to different models of generators. Generally, the size of the petrol tank is proportional to the power output capacity of the generator. A generator with low power output will have a smaller petrol tank as compared to a generator with high power output.


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