+ Pure Sine Wave UPS – 2500/24V, 3500/48V&5000/48V

Using Pure Sine Wave Technology  which is specially design for IT loads & Sensitive Appliances

Built-In Isolation Transformer
Using Bi-Directional Technology
Cold Start
Change over time ≤5msec
Automatic Bypass
LCD Display
Manual Bypass through Rotary Switch



  • ATC Technology (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
  • MFS Technology (Multi Function Switch).
  • PCA Technology (Powerful Charging Ability).
  • Peak power output 300%.
  • User-friendly graphic display.
  • Future expandability possible.
  • Automatic low battery cutout.
  • Pure sine wave output to run all the appliances.
  • Smart overload sense and short circuit protection.
  • Fuzzy logic control- a unique & advanced technology.
  • Smart SMPS based fast battery charger with automatic power factor correction.
  • Compatible charger with all types of battery (SMF/Flooded Lead Acid / Tubular).


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