MONO PERC HALF CUT CELL Solar Panel Range 5W_540W




  • 5 Busbar Solar Cell- 5 busbar cell design improves module efficiency and offers better power output
  • Outstanding Durability- With its reinforced frame design, our modules can endure front load of up to 5400 Pa and rear load of up to 2400 Pa to withstand heavy wind & snow loads
  • High Power Output- Our PV modules are compact in size and have been designed to deliver enhanced output and efficiency
  • Better Performance in High Temperature- Our PV modules deliver efficient performance even in high temperature conditions due to its improved temperature coefficient
  • Low Light performance- Advanced glass and cell surface texture design ensures excellent performance in low light environment
  • Enhanced Performance- Our PV modules provide more than 80% efficiency even after 25 years of operation


550w Solar panels Features


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